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Get Started With Our

Backup Power Combos

1.5kVA Inverter
One of our entry level systems for your basic needs.
3kVA Inverter
Add some beef for additional appliance load.
5kVA Inverter
This system will even run vacuum cleaners and hair dryers!

Reduce your Electricity Cost by Installing one of Our

Hybrid Combos

1.5kVA Inverter
Add some solar panels to produce your own energy.
3kVA Inverter
Adding solar panels will also extend your battery run-time during the day.
5kVA Inverter
You can save money by using your solar panels to produce energy.

With Our Off Grid Combos, You Can Finally Be

Eskom Independent

3kW Inverter
With this combo, you can start taking parts of your house off-grid.
5kW Inverter
Include heavier appliances with a 5kW off-grid combo.
10kW Inverter
Most small homes can be taken completely off-grid with a 10kW system.

Absolute Green

8kVA Inverter
These systems are for the serious enthusiast
10kVA Inverter
Gave read use way make spot how nor. In daughter goodness an likewise oh consider at procured.
15kVA Inverter
Boisterous he on understood attachment as entreaties ye devonshire. In mile an form.
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